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                                             Akkawi Cheese
Akkawi cheese (called also Akawi) is the real Middle Eastern cheese denoting Aka, the historical region where Akawi originated.

MAYAR brand cheeses are now produced in the US following genuine Middle Eastern traditions, according to strict quality standards, and distributed by KARLACTI, Inc. a US Company.

MAYAR Akkawi is a soft unripened white cheese.

MAYAR authentic Akkawi is suitable as a table cheese, in sandwiches, or paired with fruits.
In Jars - 32oz with brine (Drained 20oz) – SKU 73318
In Jars - 64oz with brine (Drained 40oz) – SKU 73364
Middle Eastern Specialty cheese dairy products company, Karlacti, Inc. is rooted in its Armenian Middle Eastern food culture authentic historic heritage and 80 years of pioneering history of its licensor, a world famous Mideastern cheese and dairy products company.

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