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Mediterranean Semi Soft Cheese

The KARLACTI line of authentic handmade Mediterranean semi soft cheeses:
  • Curd Cheese
  • Frying Cheese
  • Ackawi Cheese
  • Nabulsi Cheese
  • Authentic Syrian Cheese
  • Authentic Touma Chicago Cheese
  • Arabic Sweet Cheese

Mediterranean semi soft specialty cheeses KARLACTI wide variety of all natural are real artisan cheeses produced in the USA according to strict quality standards, using Baghdassarian family recipes.

This insures that our specialty Middle Eastern cheeses retain all the traditional qualities necessary in a healthy Mediterranean diet, a diet rich in nutritious all natural cheeses.
Our Mediterranean specialty cheeses and dairy products are free of thickeners, stabilizers, added proteins, gluten and starch.
All our products are certified by Dairy Management Inc. with the Real Seal of the United Dairy Industry Association.Real Dairy Products
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