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Middle Eastern Specialty cheese dairy products company, Karlacti, Inc. is rooted in its Armenian Middle East food culture, authentic historic heritage of the Baghdassarian family and more than 80 years of pioneering history of its licensor, a world famous Mideastern cheese and specialty dairy products company owned and managed by Ara Baghdassarian.

The Middle East is considered to be the ancestral home of cheese.

Legend has it that the first cheese makers were in the Middle East.

Archeological discoveries in Mesopotamia (actual Middle East) have revealed cheese-making equipment and the first traces of foods dating back to ancient times (between 3500 and 2800 B.C.)

Ara Baghdassarian continues the path drawn by his father, Ohannes Baghdassarian.
Ara Baghdassarian preserves the authentic historical Armenian and Middle Eastern heritage of the Baghdassarian family by producing authentic all natural Middle Eastern specialty Armenian foods, specialty artisan cheese, Armenian cheese, Middle Eastern cheese and Middle East specialty dairy foods.
All our products are certified by Dairy Management Inc. with the Real Seal of the United Dairy Industry Association.Real Dairy Products
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