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TANN Ayran Drinking Yogurt Shanineh Dough Lassi

A Healthy Alternative to Carbonated Soft Drinks

Our delicious all natural low salt plain yogurt drink contains only

100 mg of sodium (2% Daily Value) per serving.
No sugar or starch is added to it.
KARLACTI TANN is a plain yogurt drink, an ethnic refreshment of Armenian origin.
TANN yogurt drink is also called ayran, drinking yogurt, shanineh, dough lassi, drinking laban or sharab Laban, by people of different ethnic origin. 
KARLACTI lassi yogurt drink is a low salt plain yogurt drink in the category of natural Middle Eastern yogurt drinks.

KARLACTI TANN drinking yogurt is all natural, free of additives especially starch.
Dough lassi drinking yogurt is traditionally produced by mixing an equal quantity of plain yogurt and water, adding salt to taste.
TANN Yogurt Drink Nutrition FactsHealthy and refreshing, KARLACTI TANN ayran dough lassiplain yogurt drink is particularly delicious when drunk with your preferred sandwich, snack or Mankoushe the famous Lebanese thyme and olive oil pita bread and especially with Lahmajun Armenian pizza.
Dough lassi yogurt drink should be well shaken before opening as it is normal that some settling occurs because we do not add to our Middle Eastern plain yogurt drink a cocktail of milk and non milk solids along with starches, gums, gelatins, emulsifiers and stabilizers.

 Bottle 1 pint: SKU 33112
      ½ Gallon: SKU 33118
KARLACTI lassi low salt plain drinking yogurt has all the advantages of yogurt:
  • It contains large numbers of live and active cultures

  • It is very low in calories and cholesterol

  • Suits well to lactose intolerant people.

KARLACTI TANN dough plain yogurt drink suits well those who diet as it is low in carbohydrates, no starch or sugar being added to it.
TANN ayran dough lassi yogurt drink fulfills the need of all those who follow a healthy diet and strive to have a delicious low sugar low salt refreshment.
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